• Relationships [mariage, parent-child, divorces to work through the source and lost, employer and employee]
  • The different types of selfimage: [anger, rejection, fear, failure, abused,etc.]
  • ADHD; children with study problems;  children who do good in school and something happened and their points dropped.  Help them to do better.
  • Career planning / subject choice  [career fields and your interest; Your Personality Profile; Your Thinking Style Profile and the world of work]
  • Emotional functioning like Stress [Workload, business growth, etc.]
  • Bullies
  • Trauma [Farm attack, deaths, accidents, injuries, secual abuse]
  • Helping disabled people coping in their circumstances to do the best they can with a good selfimage
  • Addictions [ alcohol, druggs, cutter]
  • Life Coach [ individual and business]
  • Performance improvement
  • Sport Actions [helping athletes to perform better]
  • Assessments [Anxiety, depression, addictions, relationships and business]

L. (Liza) Schoeman – (icr-coachregister.com)

Liza Schoeman