Schalk Scott
Address: Klerksdorp
Specializes in…:

MLNP Life Coaching

Career coaching.

Business Phone Number: 079 980 6927
Dr Mariëtte Swanepoel
Address: Potchefstroom
Short description: Years of dedicated study, having read hundreds of books on the topic of health and wellness, the completion of various accredited courses and first-hand experience of making healthy or healthier lifestyle choices on a daily basis provide me with a unique set of expert tools to assist individuals ready to make an investment in their quality of life.
Specializes in…:

Health and wellness coaching
Weight loss coaching

Business Phone Number: 073 144 22 42
Tereza Botha
Address: Lichtenburg
Short description: I try to fulfill my creative purpose to the best of my ability every day, namely to plant seeds and thus lead people and especially children closer to the Lord. It is breathtaking to time and time again experience and see how the Lord performs miracles in people’s lives and heals broken people. To God all the glory!
Specializes in…:

Multi Level Neuro Processing coach/facilitator
Grade 9 subject choices – Career counceling
Functional Therapist
Emotional Intelligence Workshops
6 Thinking Hats / Tools facilitator
Centre for Play Therapy and Training – Advanced Training
Brain Gym in the Classroom
Counceling with music as a Tool – Therapeia
Marriage and Trauma Counseling
Audiblox, Studiblox – Centre for Dislexia
Dislexia and ADHD with art as a Tool
Study Methods
Special Needs children
Afrikaans and Maths Guidance

Business Phone Number: 082 403 2337
Address: Rustenburg
Short description: After 35 years leading big administration teams on the mines in Rustenburg I retired. Now I can focus on my passion at the young age of 60. I am married to a teacher and I am an ex teacher myself and have been involved with the wellbeing of the youth in various capacities my whole life. I honestly believe that our young people are not getting the right guidance and help for them to achieve their full potential in life and I see this coaching opportunity as just that. To give back from my years of experience with a scientific method to the young and not so young to help them attain their dreams.
Business Phone Number: 066 204 4585
Gerhard Turkstra
Address: Potchefstroom
Specializes in…:

Trauma relief.

Life & Performance Coaching

Business Phone Number: 082 786 9528