Sport Performance

Edgar S. Phillips
Address: Alberton
Short description: Trainer and Developer of Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ and The Neuro-Coach Method™
Specializes in…:

Life & Performance Coaching
Trauma Relief & Addiction Recovery

Business Website Address: MLNP™
Business Phone Number: 0824858755
Marjoh Venter
Address: Elarduspark Pretoria
Short description: Entoesiaties, vol lewe en reg om mense te help wat my hulp nodig het.
Specializes in…:

Stress relief
Career counselling
Life coaching
Career Guidance
Performance Coaching
Business Relations

Business Phone Number: 0832338184
Pieter Oberholzer
Address: Bellville/Cape Town
Short description: I developed my own unique leadership development and coaching model called www.gps.
I help people to set goals, create possibilities and facilitate solutions.
I use various tools, including MLNP to great effect to bring purpose and meaning and to guide people from potential to performance.
Specializes in…:

Performance Enhancement,

Sport Performance

Life and Business Coaching

Trauma Relief.

Business Phone Number: 0823325782
Liza Schoeman
Address: Kimberley
Short description: I am Liza Schoeman and married to Johan Schoeman. We have two wonderful daughters, Anrie and Yana.
I grew up in a small village, named Magogong, Vaalhartz Skema, in the Northern Cape. I finished school in Hartswater High School. After school I did a secretary cource and worked for only 3 months as one. There after I worked as a typist and then I became a Personal Assistant. I worked for 16 years at the Sol Plaatje Municipality. I started part time with my studies as a Functional Therapist at Perspektief Opleidingskollege in Potchefstroom. After resigning as a Personal Assistant, I worked for 2 years as a Manager for Nappies and Soap. Gladly I can say today I am a Functional Therapist and MLNP Life Coach who is working in Kimberley. I can see God’s hand in my life as I am looking back to see the different things I have gone through in the past, to do what I am doing know.
Specializes in…:

Relationships [mariage, parent-child, divorces to work through the source and lost, employer and employee]
The different types of selfimage: [anger, rejection, fear, failure, abused,etc.]
ADHD; children with study problems;  children who do good in school and something happened and their points dropped.  Help them to do better.
Career planning / subject choice  [career fields and your interest; Your Personality Profile; Your Thinking Style Profile and the world of work]
Emotional functioning like Stress [Workload, business growth, etc.]
Trauma [Farm attack, deaths, accidents, injuries, secual abuse]
Helping disabled people coping in their circumstances to do the best they can with a good selfimage
Addictions [ alcohol, druggs, cutter]
Life Coach [ individual and business]
Performance improvement
Sport Actions [helping athletes to perform better]
Assessments [Anxiety, depression, addictions, relationships and business]

Business Phone Number: 082 788 5557
Lizáhn Oosthuizen
Address: Krugersdorp
Short description: My passie is om ‘n mense te begelei om op ‘n beter plek in hulle lewens te kom en die beste weergawe van hulleself te word!

Ek glo persoonlike ontwikkeling is van uiterste belang – in my persoonlike en professionele hoedanigheid. Ek is ook oortuig daarvan dat deurlopende life coaching deel van elke persoon se lewe behoort te wees!

Ek het ondervinding in verskeie vorme van terapie, werk met individue, groepe en gemeenskappe, asook die aanbied van werkswinkels.
Specializes in…:

Life Coaching
Career coaching
Business Coaching (includes team building, debriefing, recruitment, etc.)
Sport Performance Enhancement
Trauma relief
Couples counseling (also pre-marriage)
Groep debriefing


Business Phone Number: 074 630 4597
Address: Rustenburg
Short description: After 35 years leading big administration teams on the mines in Rustenburg I retired. Now I can focus on my passion at the young age of 60. I am married to a teacher and I am an ex teacher myself and have been involved with the wellbeing of the youth in various capacities my whole life. I honestly believe that our young people are not getting the right guidance and help for them to achieve their full potential in life and I see this coaching opportunity as just that. To give back from my years of experience with a scientific method to the young and not so young to help them attain their dreams.
Business Phone Number: 066 204 4585