There are currently four MLNP™ training workshops:
MLNP™ Basic Counseling: (click here)

This covers the basic theory and application of Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™

  • Differences between top-down and bottom-up approach in counseling
  • The basic neuroscience of processing and integration of information
  • The window of tolerance and its application to behavioural change
  • Shame, guilt and the fear of failure/rejection
  • Impulse processing and process-skipping
  • Mirror neurons and the use of Face Cards
  • Self-perception assessment scale
  • Resourcing and ab-reactions
  • 3 basic MLNP™ methods


MLNP™ Trauma Relief: (click here)

Additional methods to regulate, process and integrate all traumatic triggers

  • Essential elements in the therapist-client relationship
  • MLNP™ Titration methods for better regulation
  • The polyvagal theory and its application
  • The vagus nerve and BioLateral Music
  • Negative Functioning assessment scale
  • Additional 3 MLNP™ techniques
MLNP™ Performance Enhancement: (click here)

The secrets of peak performance and creative expansion

  • From optimal functioning to peak performance
  • The inner and outer game of performance
  • Repetitive Sport Performance Problems
  • Conventional explanations of pain
  • Sport injuries and trauma
  • Four stages of creativity
  • Performing arts
  • Additional 3 MLNP™ techniques for performance enhancement and creative expansion
MLNP™ Life Coach: (click here)

International recognized Life Coach training

  • Five assessment tools for discovering inner obstacles/beliefs
  • Structural system for helping clients create the impossible
  • Basic neuroscience information in order to understand the
  • Experiential verified MLNP™ behavioural change process
  • Result proven functioning and coaching models
  • 4 key elements to grow your coaching business
MLNP™ Workshop Programme (CLICK HERE)