Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ (MLNP) is a brain-body (neuro-physiological) facilitation process, which helps the brain to process and integrate both negative and positive information on the cognitive, emotional, and sensory levels.

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ (MLNP) is a comprehensive and integrative technique for therapists, life coaches, and spiritual counselors, irrespective of the counseling modality they work from.

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ (MLNP) is as effective for complex trauma as it is for performance enhancement and creative expansion because…

…MLNP makes use of both top-down and bottom-up approaches to ensure maximum processing and integration in the brain, which leads to transformation in the individual.

  • Top-down processing starts with rational thoughts, perceptions, and disciplined behavioural choices.
  • Bottom-up processing focuses on the physical/physiological sensations as they continuously evolve into perceptions, cognitions, and decisions.
  • Transformation occurs in the mutual relationship between top-down and bottom-up processing (Levine, 2010:281).
  • Integration of brain and body, of left and right cerebral hemispheres, and of primitive and evolved brain regions promotes wholeness and makes us fully human.
  • Effective treatment is a matter of helping individuals keep the “observing” pre-frontal cortex online as it simultaneously experiences the raw primitive sensations generated in the archaic portions of the brain (the limbic system and brain stem).

What some of the people say who have attended the MLNP™ training

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ is a non-threatening method that can be used to process issues on a physiological level, which brings about change on an emotional level. MLNP™ is a very practical process whereby the therapist or counselor facilitates huge changes, results and transformation in his or her client.

Hester Opperman (social worker in private practice)

The training has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I have received an instrument, which not only is powerful but gives me the ability to work with a variety of therapeutic aspects. MLNP™ has added immense value to my work as a therapist as well as my coaching practice. It is a reliable process and if the therapist or coach will allow themselves to trust the process, will see positive results. MLNP™ has worked on me and is definitely one of the most powerful instruments with which I have worked so far.

Dr. Chris Harris (minister, therapist, and life coach)

Why Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™?

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ can be used as a safe, effective, and powerful change-process for:

  • Accident trauma, Anger and rage problems, Anxiety and panic, Asthma,
  • Chronic Pain Conditions,  Creativity Enhancement,
  • Emotional trauma, Environmental Illness,
  • Impulse control issues, Injury recovery
  • Pain and stress management, Perceptual problems, Phobias, Physical and emotional trauma,
  • Sports Performance Enhancement, Stuttering, Surgery (preparation and recovery),
  • Performance enhancement, Performing arts,
  • Sport injuries and Repetitive sport performance problems,
  • Somatic visualization and Internalization.

About the developer and trainer of MLNP

  • Edgar S. Phillips is an Imago Professional Facilitator – 2008.
  • In 2010 he obtained his postgraduate diploma in Functional Therapy.
  • He is an international certified EFT practitioner – 2010.
  • He is also a registered International Master Brainspotting Therapist – 2015.
  • He is a certified TRE provider and,
  • Edgar has his M.Min (in the discipline of Christian Psychology) from Therapon University and…
  • …got his PhD in 2023.
  • His passion is to help people to heal from negative effects of trauma.
  • He also focuses on performance anxiety and Repetitive Sports Performance Problems and has helped numerous athletes reaching new heights in their performance abilities.
  • Edgar is the developer and trainer of MLNP™ and The Neuro-Coach Method™.

He has been married for 31 years and resides in Alberton, South Africa with his wife and three daughters.