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  • Vraelys vir webwerfkursus

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  • MLNP Communities

    Wat behels die MLNP Communities? (En waarom het 15 mense laasjaar daaraan behoort?) MLNP Facilitator Community Vir diegene wat MLNP wil bemeester! Wat leergierig is en soveel moontlik van die werkswinkels gedurende 2019 wil bywoon. As mense se welstand en groei vir jou belangrik is en jy deel wil wees van 9 ander MLNP Fasiliteerders…

  • Verslawings vraelys

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  • MLNP Vraelys

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  • The Neuro-Coach Method (internationally accredited)

    Why do professional athletes hire coaches even when the coach cannot perform? An athlete needs a coach because the coach has a passion for the sport, has technical and skills knowledge, knows the dynamics of the sport and is constantly learning new ways to help his athlete improving. When looking at professional sports heroes like…

  • MLNP™ & Emotional Wounding (Therapeutic Coach)

    Why Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™? Whether you are a life coach, therapist, counsellor, teacher or minister, at some point of time, people whom have been through a traumatic incident or a highly stressful situation will need your help. Crime statistics for 2015 in South Africa totals a shocking 2.24 million incidents, which means that either you or…

  • MLNP™ & Performance Enhancement

    Why MLNP™ for sport performance? All repetitive sport performance problems (RSPP) like the yips, blocks, choking, target panic, and severe slumps have trauma bases that operate outside the athlete’s conscious awareness and control. And unless the underlying physical and emotional traumas are determined and directly addressed, the block might reduce but not fully release. The…

  • MLNP™ Basic Training (Wellness Coach)

    What is Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™? Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ refers to the various ways, different regions in the brain process and integrate information. It is an integrative and comprehensive brain-body behavioural change process, which allows you to facilitate change and transformation in your clients in a dynamic and experiential way. Why Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™? Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ helps the brain to process…