MLNP™ & Performance Enhancement

Why MLNP™ for sport performance?

RSPP 2All repetitive sport performance problems (RSPP) like the yips, blocks, choking, target panic, and severe slumps have trauma bases that operate outside the athlete’s conscious awareness and control. And unless the underlying physical and emotional traumas are determined and directly addressed, the block might reduce but not fully release.

The onset of these RSPPs never makes sense to the athlete, coach, parents, or fans. The athlete hasn’t a clue what’s really wrong and is at a loss about how to “fix” it. His or her best efforts lead to more frustration and a deepening of the struggles. The coaches (and sometimes the parents) try everything they know in a futile attempt to get the athlete back on track.

RSPPs can be tenacious, defying the best efforts of most professionals.

But what about sport psychology?

Traditional sport psychologists have typically confined their work with RSPPs to the surface of the problem, focusing on the athlete’s conscious mental strategies (Grand & Goldberg, 2011:6).

They apply cognitive and behavioural techniques to guide the athlete to relax under pressure, change his or her negative self-talk, focus on the task at hand, mentally rehearse peak performance, let go of mistakes, and quiet an overactive mind.

Although these surface strategies are certainly useful for mental-toughness training and a necessary part of an athlete’s skill set, they consistently fall short when it comes to releasing RSPPs!

These cognitive techniques bring partial, temporary relief to the athlete because they address only the symptom of the problem (pre-performance nervousness, negative thinking, or poor focus, for example); however, they leave the roots untouched, and consequently, the performance difficulties remain or eventually reemerge.

Why MLNP™ is the answer to repetitive sport performance problems

Unlike the symptom-focused approach of traditional sport psychology, Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ identifies and targets performance problems in the athlete’s brain and body, down to the roots of the repetitive sport performance problems!

This is accomplished by the holistic, brain-body-centered approach, the foundation of this training. This method makes use of left-right brain activation with moving sound in addition to a process that locates and releases trauma by face-cards, reactivation and eye position, all helping the athlete “processes through” the underlying traumas feeding his or her performance abilities.

Performance 5MLNP™ Performance Enhancement once and for all releases the physical and emotional baggage that has silently accumulated over the years, freeing the athlete to return to top form and to go beyond.

This training is for:
  • (Sport) psychologists, life coaches, sport coaches with some counselling/therapy background, therapists, and qualified counsellors
Our 🙂 guarantee to you

If you think this course was a waste of time and you have not learned anything new, we will gladly refund 100% of your fees with a 🙂

Costs and Training dates for 2018*

MLNP Performance Enhancement is a 3-day workshop and costs R 4500.00

  • 28 – 30 June: Gauteng (Alberton)
What makes this training unique?

Each day consists of theory, demonstrations, and practical sessions. You will learn…

  • The 12 guidelines for all kinds of performance and creativity enhancement,
  • The Performance equation: P = dp – i where P is Performance, dp is developed potential, and i is interference,
  • What lies at the heart of repetitive sports performance problems (RSPP),
  • How to help sportsmen/women process and release the five sources of anxiety and stress,
  • How sport injuries register as trauma in an athlete’s brain and how to process and release that trauma,
  • How negative self-talk directly flows from the instinctive attempts at self-protection and how to deal with it,
  • How the deeper drain houses all the experiences, emotional and physical memories of past traumas and all injuries and how to use MLNP™.
Payment and registration
  1. Workshop Manual
  2. One set of Face Cards
  3. BioLateral Sounds
  4. R4500



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About the presenter

edgar-12This training will be presented by Edgar Phillips.

  • He is an Imago Professional Facilitator – 2008.
  • In 2010 he obtained his postgraduate diploma in Functional Therapy.
  • He is an international certified EFT practitioner – 2010.
  • He is also a registered International Master Brainspotting Therapist – 2015.
  • Edgar is currently busy with his Masters degree at Northwest University and is doing further research on Multi-Level Processing™.
  • His passion is to help athletes who are”second best” but know deep down that they can be the best, achieve their dreams.
  • He focuses on performance anxiety and Repetitive Sports Performance Problems.
  • He has helped numerous athletes reach new heights (and records) with the use of MLP™.

He has been married for 24 years and resides in Alberton with his wife and three daughters.

*There are no refunds. If you have paid and for some reason can’t make it, your fee can be used as full credit towards any MLP Performance Enhancement training within the next 12 months.