MLNP™ & Emotional Wounding (Therapeutic Coach)

hi-jackingWhy Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™?

Whether you are a life coach, therapist, counsellor, teacher or minister, at some point of time, people whom have been through a traumatic incident or a highly stressful situation will need your help.

Crime statistics for 2015 in South Africa totals a shocking 2.24 million incidents, which means that either you or someone close to you or a client of yours have probably been a victim of crime during last year.

Trauma means that you felt helpless and not in control and that your brain switched to fight, flight, or freeze in that moment.

Therefore, it is not just crime that can be labelled as traumatic but even been stuck in the traffic when you are late for work, been ridiculed in front of others, a car accident, been hospitalized, been through a divorce, financial stress, emotional abuse, and major changes in your standard of living can also feel like trauma to the brain.

It does not go away – the incident is encapsulated in the brain!

The reason why it is so difficult to forget the incident and to not still feel the emotions is because the incident had a cognitive, emotional and sensory impact on the person.

This impact on the person leads to fear conditioning and all cues related the incident are encapsulated in the brain and continues to trigger emotions and body sensations (Scaer, 2007:102). This is the reason why people can 15, 30, or even 50 years after an incident, still feel the emotions and body sensations when they talk or think back at what happened.

But it does not have to be that way!

How MLNP™ helps to regulate, process, and integrate all the traumatic triggers.

Unlike the symptom-focused approach, narrative approach, or cognitive-behavioural approach of traditional counselling, Multi-Level Neuro-Processing™ is a holistic, brain-body-centered approach, which focuses first on bottom-up processing and then the well known top-down methods of conventional counselling.

one-eye-1MLNP also makes use of left-right brain activation with moving sound in addition to the process that locates and releases the fight/flight/freeze responses with the help of face-cards, reactivation, somatic mindfulness, eye-positions, and one-eye goggles.

MLNP & Emotional Wounding facilitates the release of the physical and emotional baggage that has silently accumulated over the years, freeing the person to return to normal functioning levels as before.

This training is for:
  • Life coaches, therapists, and qualified counselors, and ministers
Our 🙂 guarantee to you

If you think this course was a waste of time and you have not learnt anything new, we will gladly refund 100% of your fees with a 🙂

Terms and Conditions

MLNP™ Basic Training is a requirement for this training!

Costs and Training dates for 2020*

MLNP & Emotional Wounding (Therapeutic Coach) is a 3-day workshop and costs R 4500.00

  • 30 March – 1 April: Alberton
  • 9-11 July: Alberton
  • 5-7 Oct: Okahandja, Namibia
What makes this training unique?

Each day consists of theory, demonstrations, and practical sessions. You will learn…

  • How the brain houses all the experiences, emotional and physical memories of past traumas and stressful events.
  • What bottom-up processing entails and how to facilitate the healing process of the deeper brain,
  • The art of attunement in order to know when the person becomes too activated (emotional flooding),
  • What the Window of Tolerance is and how to facilitate resilience,
  • How to regulate the pace of the MLNP process and prevent re-traumatization,
  • How MLNP™ dissolves the “trauma capsule” and releases all trauma triggers.
  • Practical application of the Polyvagal theory..
Payment and registration*
  1. Manual
  2. One set of Face Cards
  3. BioLateral Sounds
  4. 2X one-eye glasses
  5. R4500


Download the registration form: CLICK HERE

Payment and registration for US, Australia and Europe workshops

  1. Workshop manual
  2. Two sets of Face Cards
  3. $450

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  • Then you choose your payment method – Credit Card, Internet or Ukash.
  • PayFast is reliable South African company.
  • If you have difficulty making a payment through PayFast make use of our banking details on the registration form.
  • After you have made the PayFast payment you will be redirected to the registration page. Please complete and send to edgaratmultilevelprocessingdotcom.
About the presenter

This training will be presented by Edgar Phillips.

  • He is an Imago Professional Facilitator – 2008.
  • In 2010 he obtained his postgraduate diploma in Functional Therapy.
  • He is an international certified EFT practitioner – 2010.
  • He is also a registered International Master Brainspotting Therapist – 2015.
  • Edgar has his M.Min (in the discipline of Christian Psychology) from Therapon University and is currently busy with his PhD.
  • His passion is to help people to heal from negative effects of trauma.
  • He also focuses on performance anxiety and Repetitive Sports Performance Problems in sportsmen- and women and has helped numerous athletes reaching new heights in their performance abilities.
  • Edgar is the developer and trainer of MLNP and The Neuro-Coach Method.

He has been married for 27 years and resides in Alberton with his wife and three daughters.

*There are no refunds. If you have paid and for some reason can’t make it, your fee can be used as full credit towards any MLP Emotional Wounding training within the next 12 months.


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